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Soaked in Oregon’s South Coast

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We made a big push (still trying to outrun the rain!) driving from the interior of Oregon directly West for the coast and stopped in a little fishing town named Newport, possibly best known for ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’ museum. Most memorable to us were the sea lions who were making a big ruckus on the docks; we could hear them blocks from the beach and without a clear view of the ocean. We grabbed the camera and walked down to the historic part of town to find them.

The sea lions lazed around on the dock. Some of them slept, some of them slipped into the water for a swim and the rest of them barked at the ones trying to get back on the dock.

After our ears had enough of those water dogs, we continued South and, with a little bit of daylight and a break in the clouds, we explored Driftwood Beach before setting up to make dinner. Just days before the trip, we purchased a GSI Outdoors Cookset (I think it was the Medium Bugaboo Base Camper). Honestly, I wondered what our meals would be tasting like cooking over a camp stove in the outdoors with such lightweight camp cookware. Over the last couple of years we had worked hard on upping our culinary skills, so, on this particular night overlooking the beach we tried cooking up one of our favorite meals: vegetable korma over brown rice. Thank God, it actually turned out amazing – as good or even better than what we cook at our home in the city. Was it an irrational fear that we would be subject to eating unevenly cooked food for a year? Maybe. Regardless, we’re relieved that’s just not the case. While we packed up our outdoor kitchen, the dark clouds quickly rolled in and the wind picked up. With no shelter near poor Diego, he was like a sail in the wind all night rocking from side to side.

Waking up to a small break in the storm showed a glimpse of hope with a rainbow overhead, once it dissipated we quickly took back to the coastal highway to continue South. Passing by dunes and a few elk with the rain still hot on our heels.

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