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Making Our Delica Compliant

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You can bet your behind that in Canada there is a rule or policy to follow, or license required, to do just about anything. Ensuring that a vehicle is road safe is definitely not exempt. And rightly so! Although, the task to make an import deemed "compliant" can be a total pain in the... So, I knew we would definitely need to do a few things to make the van compliant in North America: headlights, DOT tires and day time running lights, for sure. After completing those "simple tasks" I took it to two shops where they each quoted approximately ...
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Why Not Import?

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Once we decided to drive the Pan-American Highway, it was a no-brainer that we both wanted to take a Mitsubishi Delica. They have adventure written all over them! Ready with four wheel drive, locking center differential, great clearance, a narrow body and are ‘easy’ to convert to a camper. We began saving while researching the many models available, narrowing it down to the ‘white unicorn’ or ‘yeti’ of Delicas: the PF6W (Long Wheel Base, Crystal Lite Hi-Roof, 3000cc V6 Petrol). Most people gravitate to the diesel models for fuel economy & torque, however we went the other way for abundance …