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Installing Mosquito Nets in Our Custom Camper

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Temperatures had been rising and so had the number of mosquitoes, ever since we hit mainland Mexico. We had two options: roast in the van with the windows up protected from the little disease carrying pests or offer ourselves up to them on a sweaty platter in an effort to catch a breeze and pray we don't get dengue, or zika, or chikungunya... or malaria. Penny's legs were covered in bites and despite our efforts with coils and spray, she couldn't keep them off her. So, we bought a roll of mesh netting as defense. Not sure what to do ...
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Designing Our Home on Wheels

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One would think planning 45 square feet of living space would be pretty simple. However, the prospect of designing this tiny space to share with another human, fitting within it everything we would need for a year, travelling throughout all types of weather and wild - well, it didn't feel so easy! I had never travelled in a campervan, never mind designed one, but I knew living in a poorly organized space could be the death of some otherwise beautiful moments for us. So, I started with the basics asking myself these questions: How would we want to use and ...