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Parking Lots in Parque Nacional Tayrona

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Tayrona National Park, where the rocky Northern Colombian jungle meets gorgeous Caribbean beaches and the cost to get in will nearly bust an overlander's daily budget. Our first day there we hiked and explored the many beaches at the park until our feet were sore and our thirst grew beyond comfortable levels from the intense heat. But, it is undoubtedly one of the most impressive and well-tended parks in all the Americas! Unfortunately, as an overlander, there are only a couple options if you want to stay with your rig within the park: the parking lot next to the trailhead ...
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Getting Muddy Around Minca

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With all our extra time in Cartagena, we planned out what we thought would be our ideal route through Colombia. Heading North out of town around rush hour we didn't aim to get far, just far enough to escape the noise and city lights. We set our GPS on Volcan de Lodo El Totumo. The name directly translates to "Totumo, Volcano of Mud" because this particular volcano is full of it, and, the locals believe it has healing properties. Arriving just after dark with no one around except for a bunch of yappy dogs, we set up camp on the ...
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Panama to Colombia: Sailing through the San Blas Islands

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I came to with the rain pouring down on my bare back. It was dark and the wind gust past as I clutched to the life rails of the boat as it rocked up and down in the large swell. Flashbacks of a sunny skiff ride in the harbour to the sailboat took me away for a moment but not long later I was losing my dinner in the galley with weak sea legs. I stared down at the deep blue sea beneath me while my bare feet dragged in the warm waters every other wave. The captain was still ...
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Containers + Cartagena: Shipping from Panama to Colombia

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To many, crossing the Darien Gap is 'THE' hurdle of overlanding the Americas. For us it was Costa Rica, with the enforcement of their law against right hand drive vehicles from passing through, even though they're breaking a ratified UN treaty - but don't get us started. Once we had snuck through there undetected, our biggest hurdle was done. Nothing was going to stop us after that! The last ten years of my freight forwarding career had me ready to ship our van around the gap. While it is possible to drive, or should I say 4x4 through, you're likely ...