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Fear + Loathing in Palm Springs

In California, North America, The Build, The Van, United States by Dane + Penny2 Comments

In an attempt to surprise Dane's dad & step mom (aka "Schmum") who live several provinces away, we had been avoiding conversations about our timeline for weeks. Even though our trusty GPS tracker (the DeLorme inReach) had been giving away our location, we managed to sneak into their complex - where they least expected to see us - and successfully pulled off the mission. We spent the next several days catching up on current events, playing card games and laying pool side -and, of course, tinkering with the van when we had down time. We finished our last few projects, ...
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Just a Taste of J-Tree

In California, Hiking, North America, United States by Dane + Penny4 Comments

The Flinstones must have been from Joshua Tree. You know, before the roads were paved. Now, the roads are perfect. Smooth, with beautiful corners that anyone who loves the freedom of a motorcycle would go crazy over! As you cruise down that perfectly paved road, there are giant boulders stacked upon each other, some of them with ropes and lines attached for rock climbing, bouldering or slack lining. You see the free climbers walking around looking like Sponge Bob with their square crash pads strapped to their back. Meanwhile, 50ft overhead, slack liners are praying the evening wind eases up ...
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Meandering Through the Mojave Desert

In California, Hiking, North America, United States by Dane + PennyLeave a Comment

It was dark as we drove down the Saskatchewan-straight highway into the Mojave National Preserve. A well-known "no-no" for overlanders; we vowed we wouldn't drive after dusk once we crossed the border further South. The full moon had risen over the hills somewhere between Bakersfield and Barstow and now we shared the road with only one other set of headlights. It was surreal peering out the window into the desert after waking up in the icebox that was Yosemite in January, surrounded by snow, sequoias and mountain faces. Now, some hours later, surrounded by cacti, tumbleweeds and sand. We spotted ...
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In the Face of Giants at Yosemite

In California, Hiking, North America, United States by Dane + Penny3 Comments

We left the coast, writhing with anticipation of our mountain escape and curious if Yosemite would live up to all of its' hype. We cruised through California’s rolling farm lands with the windows rolled down until we came upon a closed road. Flooded. Detour. Obviously, we had to take a look. Dane, eyes glazed with excitement and full of  confidence in our van (with newly equipped snorkel), was ready for the challenge. While others were turning around, we made the crossing with one long-haired, leather-backed motorcycle rider fist-pumping us on. We passed through gold rush towns with worn wood false ...
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Finding the Lost Coast in Northern California

In California, North America, United States by Dane + Penny1 Comment

While we rushed through Oregon eager to reach California, we imagined the clouds parting to reveal the glorious sun on our pasty Canadian skin. Sweet California did not disappoint, and as we crossed the border the rain wondrously stopped and the sun emerged to welcome us to the sunny state. With little knowledge of what to expect, simply armed with a personal recommendation, we were set on taking the coastal scenic Highway #1 through Northern California. Offseason, mid-January, had us feeling lucky to be cruising the windy, coastal roads with no one on our tail. And, when a local happened ...