Wyatt, the Mexican brown hound with a scent for adventure!

We picked him up in Nayarit, Mexico at JEEP, an amazing organization saving all types of animals, run by George and Loretta. A Southern couple dedicating their lives to animals in need, they saved Wyatt at a young age and nearly adopted him themselves. With 3 dogs of their own, it was already becoming a slippery slope to adopting all the animals! That being said, they treated Wyatt like their own as he needed much love and rehabilitation from his rough puppyhood. Even when we came along, when he was three or four months old, he was terrified of water, street dogs and cars.

Now Wyatt is an international traveler, exploring new surroundings nearly every day. He has likely been exposed to more things already than most dogs will see in a lifetime. We’re delighted to see he walks proud with his tail high in 99% of situations and has a new found love for water! He makes friends easily, with fellow dogs or friendly humans, loves hiking and is always ready to explore. Lately we’ve been busy teaching him proper obedience, along with a few party tricks! While his snout can find him a LOT of trouble, his personality and character can win anyone over.

We’re excited to give him a life full of adventure and know he will always enrich ours.

A huge thank you to George and Loretta of JEEP, as well as SayulitAnimals, for helping us find Wyatt.

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