She was born and raised on Salt Spring Island, a place full of artists, hippies and really good cheese.

As a curly haired island girl, she always dreamed of life and adventure in faraway places. Her first taste of freedom was at the early age of 6 when she constructed a raft made of her Dad’s construction scraps in an attempt to cross over to the neighboring (but still very far away) Galiano Island. Needless to say, the raft didn’t float well. She dragged it home, soaking wet, and tried to find empty milk jugs to make it more seaworthy. When her dad realized what she had been up to, he squashed her plans. There would be no second attempt.

Fast forward 10 years when she said “hasta luego” to her friends and family at home and boarded her first international flight to Costa Rica to study abroad. With friends and family thousands of miles away, she did her best to immerse herself in the culture and language. She was grateful to have the time to really get to know the people and see the country in ways most miss. After this she was inspired, enlightened and already making plans to see more of the world. She vowed, for future travels, to seek the locals and escape the tourist haunts.

But, even though she desperately wanted to explore more of the globe, she moved to the city to build a career in Interior Design. She loved her work but realized this is where many spin their tires, dedicating themselves fully to their career and dismissing their personal goals. She knew she had to make a plan – and fast! Evenings she wasn’t busy working on home or office interiors, she was busy designing the tiny interior of the van, carefully fitting it with all the essentials for a year on the road. Check out the campervan conversion here.

Now on the road, everyday holds an adventure and inspiration can be found in all corners.

Have an interior design or styling project you’d like her help with?

Whether it be your home, hostel or cafe, Penny enjoys creative projects and is available for international freelance design work.
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