Born in “the bread basket of Canada”, there was an outdoor ice rink down the road and enough kids in his family to play a game of hockey!

Saskatchewan, the “land of the living skies” (and prairie oysters). His parents couldn’t wait to move them outta there! So, he and his siblings spent much of their childhoods moving from house to house, city to city, across three Provinces. Life was a constant adventure as his folks slowly moved the family West. While it was difficult meeting new friends only to say goodbye, he, his brothers and sister made the most of it. They became so accustomed to new places that it only seemed natural to go explore the mountains and wooded areas outside of each new town. Even with all the moving around, they always returned to the prairies for the annual family reunion and fishing derby, hosted in a new location each year. This is where his love for camping and the great outdoors began. Over the years this passion influenced him to take up snowboarding, dirt biking and scuba diving. Needless to say, the wilderness captured his curiosity and amplified his (already very big) thirst for adventure.

Approaching his 30’s with a career in Logistics, a great circle of friends and an amazing girlfriend, the standard story could tell itself. But, he couldn’t help but wonder: what if life is more than working nine to five, Monday through Friday, with a fleeting two day weekend? Should we be so accustomed to this schedule and way of life, obsessed with busyness?

So before he and Penny take on any major responsibilities, they’re off to see how the rest of the Americas live!