We are Dane + Penny.

If you were to meet us, you would see we are just a couple of regular, adventure-seeking Canadians with on adventure-seeking hound.

Three years ago, during a wine-filled sunset sesh, we dreamt up this crazy idea to take a break from the life we knew and careers we were building. We wanted to see more of the world, challenge our priorities and enjoy that ever-escaping youth.

After much dreaming and more wine, we decided we would overland the Americas. We opted for a Mitsubishi Delica which we bought by auction in Japan, imported to Canada, gutted and converted into our tiny house. A four wheel drive tiny home to live the Americas.

Today we are on the road, living out the dream we set in place years ago – a dream we once thought would be unattainable. A dream of mountains and beaches.

Here we will share with you our journey, the adventures and the wisdom we’ve been collecting on the road. We hope it sparks your interest and puts your own dreams into gear.

Wyatt 325x250